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Sun Oct 12 12:35:28 CEST 2008

On Sun October 12 2008, Thorsten Leemhuis wrote:

> And exactly that "I" in "went ahead with a name I picked" IMHO is
> totally unacceptable in a *community* project when it comes to important
> issues (like releasing and branding a new spin; just imagine what had
> happened if "I" (me in this context) would have simply imported all
> kmods from livna months ago without asking somebody else ahead of
> time!). If that is done to often then sooner or later we will be forced

> Parts of my mind think: Omega is well known by now so just use that.
> Other parts say: Why can't we simply use the name RPM Fusion together
> with the Free and Nonfree suffixes? That will make it obvious what this
> is about.

Was Omega promoted as the official RPMFusion spin anywhere? I cannot see 
anything that implies this in the announcement of fedora-annouce:

Eearlier also Orange Sombrero was announced there:

Afaik it is one important feature of Fedora to allow people to freely remix 
the contents and add stuff to create customs spins / live media. For Fedora 
the only Guideline is, that it must not called Fedora, if it does contains 
packages that are not from Fedora.

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