First steps of the transition from Livna to RPM Fusion begins now for livna-devel users!

Thorsten Leemhuis fedora at
Tue Oct 14 19:05:56 CEST 2008

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On 14.10.2008 18:49, Dmitry Butskoy wrote:
> Thorsten Leemhuis wrote:
>> Note, nearly all of livna's packages have been imported and build for 
>> RPM Fusion, but a few are still missing.
> What about libdvdcss?

That exactly is one of those few packages that have not been build yet.

> According to the bottom of the page at 
>, it was dropped.

That was a old decision. Some people that influenced that decision left 
RPM Fusion later; other people that disagreed with the decision right 
when it was made hence said that the decision should be revisited. But 
nothing real came out of it yet. Maybe this discussion leads to a decision.

> Does it mean that for some packages (in general) users will still need 
> Livna?

I'd say something like that is the best. A simple, small repo (I don't 
care if we call it foo, bar, freshrpms, livna or whatever) IMHO is 
definitely the wises things to do to keep RPM Fusion clean. Setting that 
repo up should not be a big problem.

Cut'n'pasting some old arguments from older discussions here:

   * we already lost one major long-term Fedora and Livna contributor
from Europe because he feared to even contribute to a repo that might 
contain libdvdcss.

   * There are likely a lot more Fedora contributors that won't
contribute to RPM Fusion (livna showed that in the past) as long as
there is a package like libdvdcss in the repos

   * I hope that we in the long term can cooperate with proprietary
software companies to get their software (things like flash, adobe
reader and similar stuff) into our nonfree repo; that will likely never
happen if we have something like libdvdcss in the repo

   * it could create trouble for people mirroring or using RPM Fusion;
thus some people will decide not to mirror or use RPM Fusion

  * having libdvdcvs in one of our repos could lead to projects or
cooperation's not to mention or link to us. That's not limited to Fedora
or Red Hat; also some journalists and howto-writers will also chose to 
*not* mention RPM Fusion and thus not link to us, as it might be to 
dangerous in some countries

So to sum things up: If we ship libdvdcss in one of our repos we will 
ship a package that is way more bad (read as: known to be illegal not 
only in the US, but also in more than a few other country's, including 
the one I'm from) than all the other packages we have; that's creates 
more trouble for users, contributors and thus RPM Fusion than it solves.

Thus I'm still all for leaving libdvdcss out; livna, freshrpms or a
brand new, small repo dedicated to just libdvdcss could ship it. Heck it
IMHO shouldn't hurt us much if we help users to get it from there
magically/automatically as long as libdvdcss itself is not directly in 
our repos.


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