Next steps to get RPM Fusion running (V2)

Thorsten Leemhuis fedora at
Wed Oct 15 06:52:43 CEST 2008

On 15.10.2008 04:18, Stewart Adam wrote:
> Thorsten Leemhuis wrote:
>> - are the nvidia bits sane? There were some mails about the 177series, 
>> but seems some questions were not answered yet
> As far as I know (correct me if I'm wrong Nicolas), we're dropping 177 for 
> Livna F-8/9 and focus on the move to RPM Fusion and provide it there 
> instead. Nicolas is still testing the final bits of the parallel-installable 
> drivers, from there I'm going to write a quick initscript and redo bits of 
> livna-config-display and then everything should be ready.

Well, I posted some comments to the plan that was posted last week on 
this list and mentioned that I see some serious trouble ahead in regards 
to kmods:

Nobody answered that mail afaics, that's why I added this point to the 
list. I just want to prevent you two spend a lot of time in a scheme 
that has some well known problems that we imho should avoid.


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