First steps of the transition from Livna to RPM Fusion begins now for livna-devel users!

Karel Volný kvolny at
Thu Oct 16 11:01:38 CEST 2008


> >   * having libdvdcvs in one of our repos could lead to
> > projects or cooperation's not to mention or link to us.
> > That's not limited to Fedora or Red Hat; also some
> > journalists and howto-writers will also chose to *not*
> > mention RPM Fusion and thus not link to us, as it might be
> > to dangerous in some countries
> I can just endorse that...
> For me as an author of a German Fedora blog, I am always
> having mixed emotions about Livna. On the one hand, it's
> undoubtedly an important repository for Fedora. On the other
> hand, I am not allowed to mention it because this could
> indirectly be illegal advertising for a copy protection
> remover, which can be punished with up to one year of prison
> in Germany. I know that other German Fedora authors are
> thinking the same about that. Livna is "that certain
> repository" with sweet content, but also with a bad smell.

this is a really bad attitude, and I'm sad to hear that from 
you :-(

basically, you have two options: the gutless way or the brave way

the first one is to write about it in a way which cannot be seen 
in violation of the law in any way

the second is not to equivocate and try to find *a lot of* 
supporters - they cannot imprison the whole nation ... being 
selected as the one deterrent case surely is not pleasant, but 
remember, if there weren't the braves in America ready to put 
their lives, the negros - sorry, "afroamericans" - there would 
be slaves still ... so a year in prison in the worst case does 
not sound that bad as a active resistance against being put into 
this new age digital "slavery"

but if you do nothing, just bend your back and pretend that the 
problem does not exist, that is the nearly worst you can do - 
what is really worst is when you force others not to keep their 
freedom just for you comfort not having to deal with that 

... just my 0.02€

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