Package maintainers, please read: freshrpms specs and patches/small sources uploaded, please check them and re-merge if needed

KH KH kwizart at
Thu Oct 16 21:42:51 CEST 2008

2008/10/16 Thorsten Leemhuis <fedora at>:
> Hi all!
> I just downloaded the latest F8 and F9 srpm for all freshrpms packages,
> extracted them using rpmdev-extract, moved the big source files (*tar, *zip,
> *run, *bz2, *gz, ...) away and uploaded everything else to:
> (Full srpms can be found here if needed:
> )
> @packages: If your package was in dribble or livna as well as in
> freshrpms(¹) then for the sake of the RPM Fusion project and the merge
> between those three reps: please go and recheck now that the merge of those
> packages that were in multiple repos was done properly!
> Yes, all the packages that have been imported to RPM Fusion's CVS afaik were
> "merged" with their counterparts from freshrpms; but most of the time those
> merges happened months ago, so now is the right time to recheck and
> re-merge, because matthias might have done some improvements in the
> freshrpms packages over the past few weeks and months that haven't found
> their way into the packages that are in CVS for RPM Fusion right now. While
> at it also please make sure that the upgrade path from freshrpms -> RPM
> Fusion works fine (e.g. the EVR in RPM Fusion needs to be higher than in
> freshrpms).
I have prepared some work:
It is known to build without missing dependencies, as all perl
dependencies are already in fedora. Only perl-Coro is still in Work in
Progress in Fedora. (needs perl-EV that needs libev).
For now I don't known which package needs perl-Coro in freshrpms...
At this time dvdrip still requires ogmtools which have been obsoleted
previously in livna.
It needs to be corrected according to if the package is available.
I can offer to import this package. I'm not particularly interested in

Cinelerra have seen some changes and improvements recently. I'm
already in touch with upstream and i've worked on a libmpeg-1.8 built
shared (the cinelerra-cv package will use it).
The most recent needs which is a legal issue requires to rename the
cinelerra package to cinelerra-cv because we will built the
CommunityVersion (and not the HerroineVirtual version).
There is a FOSS HV version which the CV is based on. But if you don't
have a headack trying to "compile" it , you will better buy support
for the closed source HV version.
the namespace rename will follow the package rename later. form the
git repository for the cinelerra-cv version.
I'm interested in co-maintainance.
(merge review will come soon)

I think we need to pick one of theses (the more recent one)
I have tried to raise this problem previously but without success
(might fill a bug)
The current mpeg321 in rpmfusion will obsoletes mpeg123 which is newer.
This is not acceptable. They should at least be parallele installable.
But IMO we should just pick the more recent one. (mpeg123)

mac should be in nonfree. if someone is interested.

lame should be updated (if it work at least):

I haven't checked others softwares from freshrpms

> Thanks for your cooperation.
> CU
> knurd

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