[Bug 83] New: Review request: barry - BlackBerry(tm) Desktop for Linux

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Mon Oct 20 23:38:28 CEST 2008


           Summary: Review request: barry - BlackBerry(tm) Desktop for Linux
           Product: Package Reviews
           Version: Current
          Platform: All
               URL: http://cid-
        OS/Version: GNU/Linux
            Status: NEW
          Severity: normal
          Priority: P5
         Component: Review Request
        AssignedTo: rpmfusion-package-review at rpmfusion.org
        ReportedBy: quantumburnz at hotmail.com
                CC: rpmfusion-package-review at rpmfusion.org
            Blocks: 2
   Estimated Hours: 0.0

URL to SPEC file & RPMs:

Description: Barry is a desktop toolset for managing your BlackBerry(tm)
device. (BlackBerry is a registered trademark of Research in Motion Limited.)

I don't think this can be included in Fedora because RIM uses closed source
applications for their phones.

Output from rpmlint:
[Chris at localhost SPECS]$ rpmlint ../RPMS/i386/*
libbarry0.i386: W: devel-file-in-non-devel-package /usr/lib/libbarry.so
5 packages and 0 specfiles checked; 0 errors, 1 warnings.

I'm ignoring this warning because I believe the purpose of libbarry0 is to
create this shared library for the other applications.

This is my first RPM Fusion package as well as the first set of RPMs I've ever
built.   Hence, I also need a sponsor.  Thanks.


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