New contributor - hello, and looking for sponsorship!

Chris Nolan chris at
Thu Oct 23 18:56:15 CEST 2008

Hi all,

I'm looking to become involved as a package maintainer at 
rpmfusion/livna. I haven't previously submitted packages to Fedora so 
I'll be looking for a sponsor - I know you guys are busy with the 
migration to rpmfusion but I'm hopeful someone can spend some time with 
a new contributor. Initially I'd like to submit a new package: the new 
Broadcom drivers kernel module that does away with requiring ndiswrapper 
for those chipsets unsupported by b43. I have used this driver on F9 and 
it works beautifully so IMO it would be a great addition to rpmfusion/livna.

Here's a bit about my background:

By day I'm a systems admin looking after OS X server and workstations as 
well as a handful of Linux servers including YDL 6 and RHEL. I'm also a 
PHP/MySQL developer and a server admin on a couple of CentOS 5.x boxes. 
As a hobbyist I love Fedora and I've spent many many hours helping to 
make it work properly on MacBooks (I don't like OS X!).

My experience of creating RPMs is largely limited to patching and 
rebuilding existing SRPMs - I have done this a lot with packages ranging 
from kernels to gstreamer, synaptics, openoffice etc. I have never built 
my own RPMs "from scratch" but I'm confident in my ability and I've read 
and largely absorbed the Fedora Packaging Guidelines.

So, as I said, I'd really like to see the new Broadcom kernel module 
make it into a mainstream repo such as rpmfusion/livna and I'm happy to 
take this on. I've already gone as far as finding the patches to make 
the module build properly on F9 and have written a how-to that covers 
this topic 
I haven't yet turned this into an RPM (probably can't get time to do it 
until after this weekend).

Please let me know what should be my next steps (I've got a rpmfusion 
bugzilla account) and I'd be really grateful if a sponsor was willing to 
spend a little time with me on the finer points of RPM building. I'll 
try to make myself available on this list and in the IRC rooms (cnolan).

All the best

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