[Bug 89] Review request: avbin - Cross-platform media decoding library

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Fri Oct 24 04:39:13 CEST 2008


--- Comment #3 from Orcan Ogetbil <orcanbahri at yahoo.com>  2008-10-24 04:39:13 ---
I got approval from the upstream. Here are the updated files:
SPEC: http://6mata.com:8014/review/avbin.spec
SRPM: http://6mata.com:8014/review/avbin-7-1.fc9.src.rpm

Now avbin is dynamically linked to ffmpeg. Hence the package size is
significantly smaller. I'll be glad if someone can check whether I did the
linking the right way.

* Thu Oct 23 2008 Orcan Ogetbil <orcanbahri[AT] yahoo [DOT] com> - 7-1
- Linked avbin to ffmpeg dynamically
- Use the release version 7 because the avbin code hasn't changed since in svn.
- Update the description

AVbin is a thin wrapper around FFmpeg, providing binary
compatibility for applications and languages that need it.
AVbin allows programs that require dynamic linkage to use
FFmpeg. It does this by providing

* an accurate version number within the shared library,
  allowing applications to select the appropriate data
  structures and functions to use at runtime, and
* a simplified interface with an unchanging ABI to the most
  common decoding functionality within FFmpeg.

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