New contributor - hello, and looking for sponsorship!

Thorsten Leemhuis fedora at
Fri Oct 24 08:44:37 CEST 2008

On 23.10.2008 20:44, Hans de Goede wrote:
> Chris Nolan wrote:
>> I'm looking to become involved as a package maintainer at 
>> rpmfusion/livna. I haven't previously submitted packages to Fedora so 
>> I'll be looking for a sponsor - I know you guys are busy with the 
>> migration to rpmfusion but I'm hopeful someone can spend some time with 
>> a new contributor. Initially I'd like to submit a new package: the new 
>> Broadcom drivers kernel module that does away with requiring ndiswrapper 
>> for those chipsets unsupported by b43. I have used this driver on F9 and 
>> it works beautifully so IMO it would be a great addition to 
>> rpmfusion/livna.
> First of all welcome to the rpmfusion community / project!


>> Please let me know what should be my next steps (I've got a rpmfusion 
>> bugzilla account) and I'd be really grateful if a sponsor was willing to 
>> spend a little time with me on the finer points of RPM building. I'll 
>> try to make myself available on this list and in the IRC rooms (cnolan).
 > [...]
> As for looking for a sponsor, as your main interest at the moment seems to be 
> getting the bcm module packaged (which I think is great, many people will like 
> that),  I think it would be best if Thorsten works with you to get that kmod
> package in to shape, as he knows most about kmods.

Yeah, I'm willing to help and to act as sponsor. But I don't mind if I 
get help from existing contributors/other interested parties in getting 
the userland into shape  -- which at least in the case of open-vm-tools is a lot more 
complicate then the kmod package.

I in fact had packaging the driver pretty high on my own todo list and 
talked to Makurin Roman (CCed) a few days ago already when he added the 
driver to our steadily growing wishlist ( 
). He offered help with testing the driver (and with packaging later 
maybe as well). I'd say with three people we hopefully should get that 
driver into the repos quickly.

Chris, I'll just wait for review request in bugzilla then. If you need 
help with that let me know; contact data can be found on


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