New contributor - hello, and looking for sponsorship!

Thorsten Leemhuis fedora at
Sun Oct 26 11:14:31 CET 2008


On 24.10.2008 21:38, Mario Chacon wrote:
> Hello, sorry to bothers you in this email but I really want to be a
> package maintainer at rpmfusion/livna. My experience for package
> maintainer it's NULL, :D, but I know c++ and I have a lot of fun
> building the latest packages of many programs.

First of all welcome to the rpmfusion community / project!

> Please anyone can help me to be a package maintainer??

Sure, we can and will help, but most of us are quite busy and I'm not 
sure what you exactly expect from us.

Afaics most contributors became package maintainers by simply "doing it" 
-- e.g. reading some articles/guides/howtos/books on RPM packaging (¹) 
and then start to package something. When they were ready they put the 
package up for review and that's the point where you get help, as the 
reviewer will tell you want needs to be improved (hence you learn from 
the reviewers experience).

(¹) You can find alot of help and how things work in the Fedoraproject 
wiki; especially here:

RPM Fusion round about works just like Fedora and follows the Fedora 
packaging guidelines with some very small exceptions (e.g. Licensing)

> I propose to be  package maintainer of VirtualBox. It's possible to make it?

That's likely not a good choice as it's likely complicate to package 
(especially as it involved kernel-modules). Also note that there are 
VirtualBox packages for Fedora floating around on the net; one of them 
are iirc from Xavier Lamien (CCed; he is a RPM Fusion contributer 
already), who wanted to put them up for review. Maybe you can help him 
with it (especially with testing and getting the packages in shape to 
make them "just work) and in parallel you might want to look around for 
other software to package for Fedora and/or RPM Fusion.


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