Move packages from testing to stable repos for F8 and F9

Thorsten Leemhuis fedora at
Sun Oct 26 15:59:36 CET 2008


We are afaics getting closer to have RPM Fusion ready for the official 
lunch, so if it's fine for everyone I'd say we move the all packages 
from the rpmfusion updates-testing repos to the rpmfusion updates repos 
for F8 and F9; at the same time put new rpmfusion-release packages into 
the repo that have rpmfusion updates-testing disabled.

A few days later we then should start to use rpmfusion updates-testing 
properly  -- e.g. build and ship kmods and other packages in rpmfusion 
updates-testing to match the packages from fedoras updates-testing repos.

Does that sound fine for everybody?


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