Broadcom hybrid_wl driver

Andreas Thienemann andreas at
Sun Oct 26 20:09:14 CET 2008

On Sun, 26 Oct 2008, Jarod Wilson wrote:

> Okay, so back to the Linux side and the hybrid_wl driver... I get no
> better than ~350KB/s. I presume the driver isn't handling the
> single-antenna very well or something [...]

This might be an antenna diversity issue, but I do not think this is 
likely if you haven't toggled anything in the driver.

Ping some host on your network, if you're experiencing about 50% packet 
loss, you're system is using transmit diversity alternating between each 

If this is not the case, you're not using diversity at all or just 
receiver diversity.

If the connection is miserable in general (snr or signal strength) you
might have swapped the aux and the main antenna.

The wlan driver usually offers a toggle to switch diversity on and off, 
usually through some sysctl or /sys interface.

The way you're describing your issue though, it sounds as if the driver is 
just crap...


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