Yet again: Current package status updated (package maintainers please read!)

Linus Walleij triad at
Sun Oct 26 23:51:28 CET 2008

sön 2008-10-26 klockan 15:27 +0100 skrev Thorsten Leemhuis:

> > === nonfree ===
> > [...]
> > triad_[AT] | sidplay-libs | Not found in nonfree-devel
> > triad_[AT] | sidplay-libs | Not found in nonfree-F-8
> > triad_[AT] | sidplay-libs | Not found in nonfree-F-9
> > No idea
> Still no idea. Linus?

Aehm. I've been slow. I just recently got my account up (all three!) And
I then proceeded to try to check out the package out of "free", when it
should be nonfree.

I'm working on it, working on it... having just these two packages and
not being in the centre of things hits me with a little threshold. I'll
ask questions.

Where do I put the downloaded cert and what do I name it? I've
desperately tried to figure out :-/


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