Yet again: Current package status updated (package maintainers please read!)

Hans de Goede j.w.r.degoede at
Mon Oct 27 09:01:17 CET 2008

KLinus Walleij wrote:
> sön 2008-10-26 klockan 15:27 +0100 skrev Thorsten Leemhuis:
>>> === nonfree ===
>>> [...]
>>> triad_[AT] | sidplay-libs | Not found in nonfree-devel
>>> triad_[AT] | sidplay-libs | Not found in nonfree-F-8
>>> triad_[AT] | sidplay-libs | Not found in nonfree-F-9
>>> No idea
>> Still no idea. Linus?
> Aehm. I've been slow. I just recently got my account up (all three!) And
> I then proceeded to try to check out the package out of "free", when it
> should be nonfree.
> I'm working on it, working on it... having just these two packages and
> not being in the centre of things hits me with a little threshold. I'll
> ask questions.
> Where do I put the downloaded cert and what do I name it? I've
> desperately tried to figure out :-/

You put in in ~ and you name it .rpmfusion.cert

Keep as questions :} A good place to ask things is #rpmfusion on freenode. Note 
that almost everything should be the same as your used to in Fedora, so if you 
wonder how do I do foo, try the Fedora way.



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