[Bug 96] Review request: broadcom wireless kmod (wl-kmod)

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Mon Oct 27 23:54:05 CET 2008


--- Comment #3 from Chris Nolan <chris at cenolan.com>  2008-10-27 23:54:05 ---
(In reply to comment #2)
> One brief initial comment: the spec file name and base rpm name should be the
> same. i.e., if its going to be wl-kmod for the main (important) rpm and source
> rpm name, the spec should be wl-kmod.spec to match. Oh. Never mind. Its that
> way inside the actual SRPM. Will try to look at it some more tonight. Who
> knows, maybe the vlanmode fix will help performance on my end...

My bad, I fixed it in the SRPM but forgot to upload the renamed spec file. It
is there now.

Regarding the performance, there are a couple of other parameters that can be
set using iwpriv:

[root at macbook ~]# iwpriv wlan0
wlan0     Available private ioctls :
          set_leddc        (8BE0) : set   1 int   & get   0      
          set_vlanmode     (8BE1) : set   1 int   & get   0      
          set_pm           (8BE2) : set   1 int   & get   0 

Unfortunately I can't find *any* documentation on what any of these do, except
for vlanmode which was responsible for preventing ssh/telnet connections.

Maybe worth trying to change the others and see if they make any difference?

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