Reducing bugzilla messages a little bit (was: Re: [Bug 2] Tracker: New packages awaiting review.)

Andreas Thienemann andreas at
Tue Oct 28 12:30:19 CET 2008

On Tue, 28 Oct 2008, Xavier Lamien wrote:

> I'm afraid to be disagree with this decision.
> By contribute to the RPM Fusion packaging side, contributors
> approve to receive notifications about packages status (including new
> package review) into RPM Fusion project .

Really? I do not remember this ever being part of the signup procedure.

> If you won't receive a lot of mails then add filters or remove
> yourself from the list.
> Even if RPM Fusion isn't a huge project, do (preventing) thing at the
> start is better than react on an overloaded or outage state.

See it from a different angle: If the "uninteresting" mail is becoming too 
much, people will act and install a filter.
Then they'll never see any of the "uninteresting" mail again.

If the mail is below the "gahhhhh"-threshold, people will still read it, 
maybe delete it manually but notice it and might be spurred into action 
when they see an interesting mail...

So in the interest of motivating people, they should not feel annoyed 
enough by a mailinglist to block it outright...


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