When to move updates from testing to stable

Andreas Thienemann andreas at bawue.net
Thu Oct 30 13:34:18 CET 2008

On Thu, 30 Oct 2008, KH KH wrote:

> That's exactly what was done with vlc-0.9.x.
> Updates on 0.9.x appeared only in rawhide along with my personal
> repository for F-8/F-9.
> Serious regressions were tracked and ripped out.

That's great to hear. What exactly are serious regressions? Not 

We have rpmfusion-devel as well. What's preventing our developers of doing 
their regression tests there?

> I was suggesting to duplicate the buildsys (cvs builroot etc) to
> another repository as described here:
> http://lists.rpmfusion.org/pipermail/rpmfusion-developers/2008-October/001507.html
> That's not a problem with following Fedora rules, but covering the users needs.

Reading that mail, you're retroactively trying to widen the scope of
rpmfusion. This was not part of the general idea of rpmfusion.

You're advocating _MASSIVE_ investments in manpower which I'm _STRONGLY_ 
against. We're already quite busy putting rpmfusion as is in place for the 
F10 release, there's no need to burden people with a questionable 
repository just to nail down some bugs...

Please do remember that we're an add-on repository tracking fedora and 
following most of the fedora policies.
If it breaks in fedora, tough luck, that's what happens when you're 
following bleeding edge software.
Same goes for rpmfusion.

The EL repository is another issue. We should take reasonable care of
stability but if it's too hard to do because of certain security issues,
just update vlc to 0.9 and be done with it.
VLC is not a library, it's a frikkin mediaplayer, the impact should be 

> ps: nobody is allowed to vote until the problem is properly discussed.
strong -1


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