[Bug 67] Review Request: open-vm-tools - VMware Guest OS Tools

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Fri Oct 31 10:58:07 CET 2008


--- Comment #16 from Denis Leroy <denis at poolshark.org>  2008-10-31 10:58:07 ---

> There isn't displayed an icon for the desktop entry of VMware Toolbox

Fixed, I used an xpm icon present in the toolbox source.

> Clicking on the "help" button in the VMware Toolbox, you get
> "Unable to determine where the help pages are stored" error
> message (it can even be an upstream problem - I haven't
> checked yet)

This is an upstream problem. Code points at a non-existent documentation
directory. Upstream tarball doesn't include any. I've notified upstream.

> The ChangeLog file should not be packaged since it contains
> only information for developers and not for the end users

I disagree on this one, it contains detailed bug fixes information for example.

> Debian package has man pages for different tools.
> It would be nice to include those:

Man pages are not in the upstream tarball. Let's focus on upstream for now and
file an RFE post-review for this.

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