[Bug 3110] Deploy the package gstreamer-plugins-bad in EL6 Repository (rpmfusion)

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Wed Feb 5 13:05:43 CET 2014


--- Comment #9 from Hans de Goede <j.w.r.degoede at gmail.com> 2014-02-05 13:05:43 CET ---
(In reply to comment #7)
> I've prepared the gstreamer-plugins-bad package for el6 basing on your
> fc12/fc13 package. The only dependency missing in RPMFusion is libmimic, for
> which I will request CVS access in addition to gstreamer-plugins-bad.
> I would like also to add the VDPAU plugin, but its place would more
> appropriately be the main gstreamer-plugins-bad-free package that is in RHEL.

Getting this into the RHEL packages is likely going to be very hard, so
shipping it
in rpmfusion seems like  a good solution to me.

> This pulls in the following files:
> /usr/include/gstreamer-0.10/gst/vdpau/gstvdp.h
> /usr/include/gstreamer-0.10/gst/vdpau/gstvdpdevice.h
> /usr/include/gstreamer-0.10/gst/vdpau/gstvdpoutputbuffer.h
> /usr/include/gstreamer-0.10/gst/vdpau/gstvdpoutputsrcpad.h
> /usr/include/gstreamer-0.10/gst/vdpau/gstvdpvideobuffer.h
> /usr/include/gstreamer-0.10/gst/vdpau/gstvdpvideosrcpad.h
> /usr/lib64/libgstvdp-0.10.la
> /usr/lib64/libgstvdp-0.10.so
> /usr/lib64/libgstvdp-0.10.so.0
> /usr/lib64/libgstvdp-0.10.so.0.0.0
> The problem is that el6 devel package by design obsoletes
> gstreamer-plugins-bad-free-devel:
> # rpm -qp --provides gstreamer-plugins-bad-free-devel-0.10.19-2.el6.x86_64.rpm 
> gstreamer-plugins-bad-devel = 0.10.19-2.el6
> pkgconfig(gstreamer-plugins-bad-0.10) = 0.10.19
> gstreamer-plugins-bad-free-devel = 0.10.19-2.el6
> gstreamer-plugins-bad-free-devel(x86-64) = 0.10.19-2.el6

I see, well lets just name the devel rpm gstreamer-plugins-bad-freeworld-devel
then. ideally all rpmfusion bad packages would have the freeworld suffix, but
they don't for historical reasons.

> Do you think I should skip the VDPAU plugin entirely and simply file a bug
> upstream to ask for the additon of the plugin to bad-free?

I don't think filing a bug upstream will be very productive, so lets just add
it to the rpmfusion pkg.



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