Packaging 3-rd party repositories in rpmfusion

Alec Leamas leamas.alec at
Wed Jan 29 12:12:54 CET 2014

Formally, this is about review request 3152 for dropbox-repo [1]. From
a more practical POV, it's about users being able to install software
like dropbox more or less "out of the box", an area where I think we
really need to improve (as can be seen in all those "Fedora XX post
installation guide" out there).

My basic understanding is that current Fedora guidelines needs a
interpretation in the rpmfusion context. Those brand new GL for 3-rd
party repos are in [2] (discussions in [3]). For now, I think they can
be abridged to:
- Non-free repos can not be part of Fedora yum configuration.
- In some cases free repos can be part of the configuration after
FESCO/Fedora legal approval.

Now, IMHO this doesn't really make much sense for rpmfusion for three reasons:
- rpmfusion does not ban non-free software, it's one of the very
reasons it exists.
- FESCO/Fedora legal cannot approve anything in rpmfusion.
- We already have a list of endorsed 3-rd party repos [4].

To handle this, my simple proposal is that we handles packaged yum
repositories like this:
- It's ok to package yum repositories listed in [4].
- If anyone wants to change the list in [4] this should be announced
here on rpmfusion-devel, and not done until we agree on it (similar to
how we handle bundling exceptions).

Thoughts. out there?



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