Package bundling exception request: sort.h in openclonk

Martin Gansser linux4martin at
Fri Feb 27 11:33:44 CET 2015

During the review process for openclonk[1] it was discovered that it had
a bundled copy of sort.h. It's unusual as it is not designed to be
built into a stand alone library, static or shared. In fact it does
not contain a make file.

- It's not already packaged in Fedora or RPM Fusion
- It's a header only library (essentially a copylib)

If the consensus is to allow the exception, my plan is to do the following:
- add a virtual provides for tracking purposes:
Provides: bundled(timsort)
- Add a "Provides: bundled(timsort)" with version per the Fedora guidelines.



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