Orphaning package – motion

Tomasz Torcz tomek at pipebreaker.pl
Tue Jan 20 17:46:29 CET 2015


  I'd like to orphan package ”motion”; it's simple motion-detecting
video surveillance package.  If anyone want to maintain in, please
step up now.

  Motion is in a sad state upstream. Main branch has seen no development
in recent months and last release was over 4 years ago.  RPMFusion
contains latest code, because SVN snapshot is packaged.
  Given that motion is a heavy user of ffmpeg, which changed a lot
in the past, lack of active development is discouraging.

  There are at least two semi-active forks.  But according to
Fedora guideliness, switching upstream source requires new
review.  This is a job for new maintainer, not for me.
  Fedora 22 branch is in 3 weeks (10th of February), so it's good
time to orphan motion.

  I'd like to thank all bugreporters, whose reports helped to make
motion package a bit more bearable.

Tomasz Torcz            There exists no separation between gods and men:
xmpp: zdzichubg at chrome.pl   one blends softly casual into the other.

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