Hosting the live cd

Rahul Sundaram metherid at
Sun Oct 12 10:37:14 CEST 2008

Thorsten Leemhuis wrote:
> And exactly that "I" in "went ahead with a name I picked" IMHO is 
> totally unacceptable in a *community* project
I can't force people to give me feedback. I did ask for suggestions 
before picking one. I did post the kickstart file as well for people to 
give input on the content and got zero feedback. Since you seem to be in 
agreement for the general idea of letting people doing the work making 
the decisions, in this case, that would be me.  I don't really see the 
name choices as a big deal. I got work done and there was many things 
fixed for the benefit of everybody.  Again, feel free to suggest 
alternative names (if there are strong opinions on that) or any content 
changes. I have carefully considered all the comments on those. If there 
is general consensus on anything such as not making even small 
configuration changes, I have went along with that.

> Which of the two wins depends on the answers to question that were in 
> the mail you replied to. But you for some reasons avoided to answer 
> them. So here it is again:
>>> One other important thing that was not discussed properly iirc: Do 
>>> we want one or two official spins? I'd say (at least in the long 
>>> term) two: one with only free packages and one that also includes 
>>> nonfree packages
The reason why I picked a different name (I have mentioned this in the 
list before) is because longer names as RPMFusion - free repository spin 
is unlikely to catch on. You really need something short and unique.  I 
skipped the other question before because I didn't realize this question 
was directed at me and assumed you were asking for general opinion from 
others. I am personally uninterested in working on even more variants. 
It takes a lot of time to compose and test packages especially when it 
has to be done against a moving target like rawhide especially since I 
am following the Fedora release schedule aggressively - beta, snapshots 
et all.  More importantly, the only common things people want from the 
non-free repository would be kernel drivers which are hardware specific 
and cannot be bundled together or installed by default (no package 
selection possible in live cd) without running into legal as well as 
technical issues. 

Distributions which tried to do that in the past have backed off for 
good reasons.

(The second article is about default configuration. Not what is 
available in the repository)

As I mentioned here before, the right solution IMO would be to use 
something like Jockey (  It is a better 
because it is opt-in and generic, lets the user pick and avoids the 
issues mentioned above. If it works well, it should be part of the 
rpmfusion repository and installed by default in Omega potentially.  Is 
anyone willing to look into that?


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