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Thorsten Leemhuis fedora at
Sun Oct 12 09:32:17 CEST 2008

On 11.10.2008 22:22, Rahul Sundaram wrote:
> Thorsten Leemhuis wrote:
>> Please point me to that discussion. As far as I remember and from 
>> searching "omega" it was you who came up with 
>> the name; there was not even a proper discussion (and thus no consensus).
> I posted to the list earlier, asking for naming suggestions (suggested 
> freefusion earlier but that name ran into potential trademark issues)  
> and didn't get much of it and went ahead with a name I picked.

And exactly that "I" in "went ahead with a name I picked" IMHO is 
totally unacceptable in a *community* project when it comes to important 
issues (like releasing and branding a new spin; just imagine what had 
happened if "I" (me in this context) would have simply imported all 
kmods from livna months ago without asking somebody else ahead of 
time!). If that is done to often then sooner or later we will be forced 
to route all the important decisions through the steering committee. 
That is what I (and likely others from what I see) really want to avoid 
as that quickly results in a lot of bureaucracy overhead and slows 
things down.

You could have had a way easier life and wouldn't have made some people 
upset if you would have announced on the list "okay, we didn't come up a 
name in the last decisions; I chose omega now and I'm preparing a beta; 
if you dislike that name then please yell over the next weeks, then I'll 
just use that name in public". That would have given people a chance to 
speak up and stop or adjust things before they are set in stone. And 
that's one of the most important factors in a community project IMHO: 
Give people a chance to influence before it's to late, otherwise some 
members of the community will be unhappy.

 > [...]
>>>  I am not sure who is equipped to make a final decision but do that 
>>> and let me know.
>> There was the idea of a steering committee (see wiki), but most of the 
>> time in the past weeks we afaics (round about) worked simply discussed 
>> things in public on the list and simply realized them a bit later if 
>> there was a consensus (e.g. if nobody yelled loudly). That way 
>> everybody can influence the decisions. 
> Question is: How do we progress now since there doesn't seem to be a 
> committee doing decisions at the moment?

There is one (it's a bit rough and loose and we need to work out 
something better soon) -- we just try hard to avoid using it. It's even 
linked right on the first page in the wiki:

But I really prefer a "those who invested the most work in the project 
make the decisions" approach. That for example includes Xavier (who did 
a lot of work on the infra), hence he was involved in the kmod decision. 
I also consider Dominik and some others that own crucial packages kind 
of members of a "core contributor group"; if one of them would had said 
"no, kmods are bad, let's do this and that" then I would have said 
"let's wait with the kmods for now and discuss this further to find an 
agreement before moving on".

>  I would ask you or anyone else 
> to make a decision and be done with it.

Parts of my mind think: Omega is well known by now so just use that.

Other parts say: Why can't we simply use the name RPM Fusion together 
with the Free and Nonfree suffixes? That will make it obvious what this 
is about.

Which of the two wins depends on the answers to question that were in 
the mail you replied to. But you for some reasons avoided to answer 
them. So here it is again:

>> One other important thing that was not discussed properly iirc: 
>> Do we want one or two official spins? I'd say (at least in the long 
>> term) two: one with only free packages and one that also includes 
>> nonfree packages.

Just a addition note: even if we do one spin now (e.g. only with free 
packages) I'll bet we'll soon face the situation where someone wants to 
do a nonfree spin. Hence I think we should prepare for that:

>> That of course will complicated the naming again. Same name with suffix 
>> or different names for the spins?


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