[Bug 34] Review request: xmltv - A set of utilities to manage your TV viewing

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Tue Oct 14 21:10:31 CEST 2008


--- Comment #3 from NicolasChauvet <kwizart at gmail.com>  2008-10-14 21:10:30 ---
Summary: A set of utilities to manage your TV viewing

- Update to 0.5.53
- Remove -gui requirement on main
- filter perl-Tk dependency on perl-XMLTV
- Re-enable make test

* I don't think that creating a .desktop file is that necessary. I don't use
that script often (never) anyway. But splitting it in a -gui subpackage will
prevent to requires perl-Tk and Thus, huge gui dependencies.

* Duplicate requires can probably be fixed by using the same value when "use" a
perl package. That been said i cannot see any side effect and it will remains
developpers care to request the same version.

The others points should have been fixed.
perl-Log-TraceMessages has been pushed to stable for F-8/F-9 today which is the
last dependency that was missing. It is already available for Rawhide, right

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