Package maintainers, please read: freshrpms specs and patches/small sources uploaded, please check them and re-merge if needed

Thorsten Leemhuis fedora at
Thu Oct 16 21:10:28 CEST 2008

Hi all!

I just downloaded the latest F8 and F9 srpm for all freshrpms packages, 
extracted them using rpmdev-extract, moved the big source files (*tar, 
*zip, *run, *bz2, *gz, ...) away and uploaded everything else to:

(Full srpms can be found here if needed: )

@packages: If your package was in dribble or livna as well as in 
freshrpms(¹) then for the sake of the RPM Fusion project and the merge 
between those three reps: please go and recheck now that the merge of 
those packages that were in multiple repos was done properly!

Yes, all the packages that have been imported to RPM Fusion's CVS afaik 
were "merged" with their counterparts from freshrpms; but most of the 
time those merges happened months ago, so now is the right time to 
recheck and re-merge, because matthias might have done some improvements 
in the freshrpms packages over the past few weeks and months that 
haven't found their way into the packages that are in CVS for RPM Fusion 
right now. While at it also please make sure that the upgrade path from 
freshrpms -> RPM Fusion works fine (e.g. the EVR in RPM Fusion needs to 
be higher than in freshrpms).

Thanks for your cooperation.


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