Broadcom hybrid_wl driver

Chris Nolan chris at
Mon Oct 27 01:22:08 CET 2008

Jarod, Thorsten et al, couple of questions for you guys...

I've got so far as including the required license file in a (required) 
-common package, and made a few fixes to make rpmlint happy. I also 
included another patch to fix the vlanmode issue. Now I have a couple of 

1) What should the package be called? I'm not thrilled with 
"hybrid_wl-kmod" because I don't think it is descriptive to the 
end-user. I suggest "broadcom-hybrid-wl-kmod" which keeps in tune with 
an unofficial SUSE package and also seems to be more descriptive. Are 
there any guidelines for this? Any suggestions?

2) The SRPM builds the following packages:


I don't fully understand the first two - the second one contains the 
actual kernel module but

a) why is the name of the second package formed like it is - I am 
supposing that it is because it is built for a specific kernel version?
b) what is the first package for? it is empty!


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