Broadcom hybrid_wl driver

Chris Nolan chris at
Mon Oct 27 11:27:51 CET 2008

Jarod Wilson wrote:
> Used what I believe were the same bits I used on the AppleTV, and the
> performance was even worse than w/hybrid_wl, and ultimately, the
> connection completely died. Need to try with another (newer) driver (the
> one Dell actually published for the card).
> [...]
> I'd lean that way too. Dunno if kernel version could be pertinent
> (latest rawhide here).

Using latest F9 stable here but as I said, not really in a position to 
test throughput speed, unless you know of any tools that may be of use?

> Huh. ndiswrapper worked just fine with WPA2 and NetworkManager for me,
> both on the AppleTV and on the Mini ('tis how I connected before the
> connection went belly-up).

This doesn't surprise me, I know of other people that have seemingly the 
exact same setup as me and NM/ndiswrapper/WPA works fine for them. But 
for me, on both F8 and F9 through all kernel versions and with fresh 
installs of everything I could never consistently connect to WPA networks.

>> (FWIW I've got a 4328 chipset on x86_64).
> No you don't. :)
> lspci lies, someone screwed up the name for device id 4328. The 4321 and
> 4322 typically sit behind a bridge that has device id 4328, or something
> like that, there isn't actually a BCM4328. I believe the bridge is
> what's driven by the ssb driver.

Thanks thats good to know and clears up a lot of confusion! Any idea how 
I can probe what the actual chipset is? Apple's System Profiler 
unhelpfully refers to it as "Broadcom BCM43xx 1.0 ("


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