@packagers: please check that your packages are properly listed in the comps files

Thorsten Leemhuis fedora at leemhuis.info
Tue Sep 9 22:40:16 CEST 2008

Hi all!

I worked a bit more on the push script configuration; they are in good 
shape now afaics and the comps.xml files now get updated during the pushes.

That means work for you if you are maintaining packages in RPM Fusion:

- Checkout comps and owners from cvs for free and nonfree with commands 
like this:

for i in free nonfree; do mkdir ${i}; pushd ${i}; CVS_RSH=ssh cvs -f -d 
:ext:${USERNAME}@cvs.rpmfusion.org:/cvs/${i}/ co comps owerns; popd; done

- check the list of packages you own by looking at free/owners.list and 

- make sure all the *binary* packages that get built from the packages 
you maintain are listed in one of the groups of each comps files; e.g 
{non,}free/comps/comps-{el5, f8, f9, f10}.xml.in; if they are missing 
add them, just like you would do for Fedora;

   If everything is fine go ahead and commit; the changes will hit the 
repo with the next push

If you need help: ask ;-)


P.S.: the current comps files in cvs are based on older ones from 
livna/from the RPM Fusion wiki; they likely contain a few error as well 
as obsoleted or wrong packages (I wanted to do some cleanups before 
sending this mail, but I ran out of time); please help getting them into 
shape; tia!

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