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Thorsten Leemhuis fedora at
Sun Oct 12 13:19:06 CEST 2008

On 12.10.2008 12:29, Rahul Sundaram wrote:
> Thorsten Leemhuis wrote:
>> But the most well known linux distribution that gets a lot of public 
>> attention gets away with it, so with similar tricks it might be 
>> possible for us as well. But that would need closer evaluation and is 
>> a complicated different topic we should ignore for now.
> No distribution ships proprietary drivers bundled and linked by default 
 > [...]

I know; but as I said: it's a complicated different topic we should 
ignore for now.

>> So here are my suggestions:
>> (a) use "RPM Fusion" and prefix for all official spins (Just like 
>> Fedora project uses the name Fedora for its spins) ; a "RPM Fusion 
>> Spin" (using the kickstart file from omega as base) will be the first 
>> and official spin that has both the free and nonfree repos enabled; 
>> this naming scheme leaves room for other spins under the hood of RPM 
>> Fusion:
>>  * "RPM Fusion Free" (only free; nonfree repo not even enabled);
>>  * "RPM Fusion Games" (games from Fedora, RPM Fusion free/nonfree)
>>  * "RPM Fusion foo" (whatever people want to do)
>> (b) just like "(a)", but only that we use "Omega" as the name for the 
>> "official spin"; all others use "RPM Fusion" and prefix
>> (c) Just like "(a)", but use Omega as prefix everywhere
>> (d) your suggestion here
> I don't think using the "spin" naming convention is a good idea for 
> trademark reasons. 

I doubt that "spins" can be protected, as it's afaics a generic word.

> The new trademark guidelines for Fedora proposed at
> differentiates between a spin and a remix.

That is just the definition for that document afaics ("Hereinafter, 
"Spin" refers to a combination on[...]"). Sure, we could consider 
following that terminology. But "RPM Fusion Games Spin (a Fedora remix)" 
  IMHO is a nice description with term people are used to. But maybe we 
should just ask Paul or FAB for options.

>  If you believe, that other 
> variants are going to be made available and they need to be in the same 
> space (separate sub domains are a possibility),  instead of a omega
> subdomain, you could setup a remix subdomain instead.

Not sure if that's wroth setting up an additional domain; the main spins 
from Fedora are also just served in the usual repo path ( for example doesn't contain the Live or 
KDE spin). I'd say RPM Fusion should follow that example.

>   RPMFusion is 
> going to be providing packages for EL distributions as well.  Someone 
> might have an interest in creating a remix around that.  So to be 
> specific, you will get a name like - RPMFusion spin - free repository 
> for Fedora  (GNOME edition) or something like that which tends to be 
> clumsy.

Leave some words out, rearrange some other and you have a nice name that 
properly describes what it is and where it comes from:

RPM Fusion GNOME Spin


RPM Fusion GNOME Spin (Fedora reminx)

 > [...]
> The proposed more liberal rules around the secondary mark for Fedora 
> remixes which I am keeping a close eye on will likely allow this 
> possibility.  This is the reason I suggested the word "remix" in the 
> conversation which has been accepted by Red Hat Legal.  It seems we are 
> close to getting the above guidelines finalized - certainly before the 
> Fedora 10 GA release.  I will apply for approval if necessary and go 
> through the due process to get this done.

Many thanks for your work in that area!


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