Hosting the live cd

Rahul Sundaram metherid at
Sun Oct 12 13:39:30 CEST 2008

Thorsten Leemhuis wrote:
>> I don't think using the "spin" naming convention is a good idea for 
>> trademark reasons. 
> I doubt that "spins" can be protected, as it's afaics a generic word.
Fedora or even Windows is a generic word as well. For trademarks, 
context matters a lot.  Also see below.
>> The new trademark guidelines for Fedora proposed at
>> differentiates between a spin and a remix.
> That is just the definition for that document afaics ("Hereinafter, 
> "Spin" refers to a combination on[...]"). Sure, we could consider 
> following that terminology. But "RPM Fusion Games Spin (a Fedora 
> remix)"  IMHO is a nice description with term people are used to. But 
> maybe we should just ask Paul or FAB for options.
My point is that since this effort is closely associated with Fedora, 
following the naming convention in there leaves less room for confusion. 
I am probably going to be approaching FAB as part of the trademark 
process anyway.

>>  If you believe, that other variants are going to be made available 
>> and they need to be in the same space (separate sub domains are a 
>> possibility),  instead of a omega
>> subdomain, you could setup a remix subdomain instead.
> Not sure if that's wroth setting up an additional domain; the main 
> spins from Fedora are also just served in the usual repo path ( 
> for example doesn't contain the Live 
> or KDE spin). I'd say RPM Fusion should follow that example.
The current notion is that because Live or KDE  images go through 
release engineering, they aren't classified as spins. They are in 
torrent.fp.o instead.  I don't think we have a comparable situation 
here. I would still vouch for using either Omega or remix for the sub 
domain name and stick to Omega for the remix name itself. Again, we have 
new trademark guidelines coming up with a secondary mark that we can 
take advantage of, quite nicely.

Piggy backing on the already well established Fedora brand would help us 
a lot here.


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