Next steps to get RPM Fusion running (V2)

Thorsten Leemhuis fedora at
Tue Oct 14 20:30:25 CEST 2008


> just thought I write down a rough list of things that I plan to do for 
> RPM Fusion over the next couple of weeks. I'm sending it here in the 
> hope that some people help me with some of those task; then we hopefully 
> get RPM Fusion running quite soon.

Here is a updated version; most important things at the top of the list; 
not all of the points necessarily have to be done, but ideally they all 
get done; if I missed anything just tell me ;-)

- get the mirror manager that adrianr put in place (see
listed as in DNS;

  * adrianr: 	IP address
  * thias: 	DNS update

Afterwards update rpmfusion-release packages accordingly.

- get the remaining packages from dribble and livna into the repo and 
eveything fixed up; latest status can be found here:

- start importing and building the packages from freshrpms; I can do 
that, but I want to get the ACK from thias first; especially as likely is not fully up to date 
Having a list of packages that are ready for importing would help things 
a lot

- someone should run dep checks (e.g. for F8, F9 rawhide; once with only 
free and once with both free and nonfree enabled); I suspect that some 
problems will be found that way

- check that the upgrade path from Livna -> RPM Fusion is sane for each
package in each of the supported Fedora releases (I did a rough check on 
F9; looks good, but there are some packages still missing; maybe we can 
ignore those for now, as some of them are broken in livna, so it's not 
much of a difference)

- get the dep checker script from Fedora Extras/EPEL in place and let it 
automatically run after each successful push; if possible without to 
much work get upgradecheck running as well (Xavier is working on it afaik)

- make sure all the kernel-modules from freshrpms are converted to 
kmods; also make sure all the update path for frehsrpms dkms users to 
akmods work

- prepare a announcement mail

- put rpmfusion-release packages into livna-testing repos for F-8 and 
F-9 to move all the testing users over

- move packages from testing -> stable for F-8 and F-9; build new 
rpmfusion-release packages that have the testing repo disabled!

- put rpmfusion-release packages into livna repos for F-8 and F-9 to 
move all the users over

- announce

- vacation

= not that important =

- in parallel to all the above: work further on getting the crucial
packages into the EL repo for RPM Fusion ( 

). Libmp4v2 (needed by faad2) is still blocking that work right now;

- test if current comps.xml stuff works on rawhide-anaconda; if yes then 
convert comps.xml from nonfree as well; details:

- are the nvidia bits sane? There were some mails about the 177series, 
but seems some questions were not answered yet

= End =

That's round about it from the top of my head. Did I miss anything?
Likely, but I think I'm optimistic that I got the most important things
on the list :-)

Help for all the remaining tasks much appreciated. The mroe help, the 
quicker we can start RPM Fusion for real.


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