zfs-fuse review request

Thorsten Leemhuis fedora at leemhuis.info
Mon Oct 27 10:55:01 CET 2008

Just a note: I asked Uwe to submit the package for RPM Fusion (after he 
added it to the wishlist), as back then (a week or two ago) it afaics 
looked highly unlikely that zfs-fuse will make it into Fedora.

Also note that Uwe mentioned the Fedora review request in his RPM Fusion 
bugzilla review request.

On 27.10.2008 10:42, Andrea Musuruane wrote:
> 2008/10/27 Denis Leroy <denis at poolshark.org>:
>> For the record, this is also submitted to Fedora. My original odds for
>> fuse-zfs making it into Fedora were originally "poor", but I recently
>> upgraded them to "good" after talking to Simon Phipps (Sun Open Source Chief
>> Officer). However this may still take a while to get past the Red Hat Legal
>> block...
> RPM Fusion has a policy of not duplicating Fedora packages and, as you
> said, a package review is already pending in Fedora.

Which is also from Uwe ;-)

> Therefore you should ask for a review only if the package will be
> rejected from RH Legal.

I totally disagree; we had situations where it took months to get the 
legal status in Fedora resolved. RPM Fusion for such timeframes imho is 
a acceptable home for a package. But sure, if it looks like this will be 
resolved quicker (like it does now) then it makes no sense to get it 
into RPM FUsion.


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